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Prefix Coloring

Prefix coloring is a dhcpv6 extension proposed draft that allows delegating routers to attach colors (also called classes) to delegated prefixes.

Homenet now supports prefix coloring, which means it requests prefixes for all available colors from all ISPs and propagate information throughout the whole network, up to color-aware hosts.

This option is enabled by default in hnet, but needs to be enabled at compile time for odhcp6c and odhcpd. To do so, you need to specify the dhcp option ID to use (as it is a draft, no value has been defined by IANA yet).

make menuconfig

In network category, you need to set both Prefix Class Extension ID options.

The odhcp6c option will be used by the router when obtaining a prefix from the delegating router while the odhcpd option will be used when providing a prefix or an address to connected hosts. For our own tests, we are using the value 200 for both, and we suggest you to do the same. But you can use a different value if you need to.

Any time you modify that option, odhcpd and odhcp6c need to be compiled again. To force the compilation to happen again, use the following clean commands.

make package/odhcpd/clean
make package/odhcp6c/clean

And compile again.

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